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 Explanation and rules

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PostSubject: Explanation and rules   Tue Sep 27, 2011 3:58 am

To say that the City has seen a lot trouble is an understatement...
though it has been peaceful for a while. This is the story about random people chosen by fate. All of them used to frequent the castle. What their occupations were ranged from farmers delivering daily for the meals of the royal court, to the court engineer, teachers, commoners, milkmaids, and even the royal court themselves. Life in the two inner circles seems peaceful, but nothing is at it seems. Affairs, intrigues, lies and secrets are going on. Disturbances have being going on for a while now in the outercircles. Someone is brooding. People are planning an uprising. What will happen?

The city
The city is build in five rings and surrounded by the forest. The Citadel is literally the middle of the city, and gives a grandiose viewpoint. Civilians also use it as clock, sometimes, due to the massive shadow it casts. The next circle is the Golden Zone, where the Great Houses are situated. They are the rich and the powerful in the city. After that comes the Silver Zone, where you can find the Lesser Houses. There is not much difference between those of the Golden and Silver zone, except for the fact that residents of the Silver zones have less influence. After that comes the Bronze Zone; the zone of the rich merchants, the bankers, heads of the guilds. But no nobles.. After that comes the Tin Zone, where the commoners and the poor live. When you live in the Tin Zone, you will never be able to enter the Bronze Zone without an escort from there. The only ones that have access to the whole city are the residents of the Golden Zone and Citadel.

There is a huge river splitting the city in two, with canals dividing the city again. Some people travel by gondola. The frontiers to the higher Zones are usually well controlled to prevent Tinpeople sneaking in. Those who deliver to the Royal Court are well known and do have badges to get into the Innercircles.

There is a huge forest surrounding the city, which is very far stretching and separating it from the rest of the deemed civilized world. The radius of fifteen kilometres is often dubbed 'the Outer Circle' or the 'Out Zone'. It houses the cemeteries and farms. Those of the Golden Zone are closer to the city, whilst the cemeteries of the Tin Zone are on the edge of the Out zone, sometimes lay in the forest itself. There are landing platforms for the Zeppelins of the Inner Circles, so that their residents don't need to travel through the quite dangerous -from them at least-Tin Zone. The forest is very dense, but close by to the Outer Circle are meadows.

The science of Daemons
Daemons {da-mons} are what you can call conscience, but then in the guise of an animal. Owners do not have much influence on them and they make their own decisions. They are not connected, though they do share the same life source. A daemon does not necessarily reflect someone's personality. They are lifelong companions and much more than conscience. Whilst painful, one can kill a daemon while the owner lives on. But when an owner is killed, a daemon will die too. Few are cruel enough to kill a daemon, much less their own; those are the psychopaths, and their daemons are usually weak already.

Like a Star @ heaven Be nice to each other; no flaming, no fights.
Like a Star @ heaven No god-moding. No power-playing.
Like a Star @ heaven Keep it PG 13
Like a Star @ heaven Steer clear of one-liners, Mary Sue's and Gary Stu's.
Like a Star @ heaven Chat in chat and roleplay in roleplay.
Like a Star @ heaven You should at all times listen to your High Lady Protector Limestriker and your High Lady Protector the Master's Companion.

As for this forum
Like a Star @ heaven Only your High Lady Protectors can add things here.
Like a Star @ heaven It will include the explanations of the religions, separated by the Innercircle and Outercircle versions.
Like a Star @ heaven You may add your myths here, through one of your High Lady Protectors. Message us if you have one, so we can check and add it.
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Explanation and rules
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