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 The Silent Benefactress (lawl)//Lady Camille Mary Florentine-Cunninghame XIII

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PostSubject: The Silent Benefactress (lawl)//Lady Camille Mary Florentine-Cunninghame XIII   Thu Sep 29, 2011 7:03 am

Lady Camille Mary Florentine-Cunninghame XIII,or Camille to most, is the daughter of Lord Nicholas Germaine Florentine-Cunninghame and Lady Camille Mary Florentine-Cunninghame XII.

She appears to be an elegant young lady worthy of her status, but that spell is broken as soon as she opens her mouth to speak. For she 'bloody well stammers'*. This is also the reason why her father hardly ever speasks to her and her mother is incredibly annoyed and embarassed by her.

Being Gold and a lady by that,she doesn't actually have a profession though she does enjoy singing tremendously, because not unlike other s-stu-t-t-t-tterers she can sing. Plus she has a good voice.

She has very long very light blonde hair that is almost temporarily wound up onto her head in several circles, thoiugh this is nothing compared to her mother's hair. Ahem. And she has dark brown eyes,her father's.

Her character,to people who take the time to really listen to her despite her stammering (which , surprise surprise, aren't many people) would best be described as dreamy, a tad clueless, for she isn't always aware of the fact that she is very blessed,what with being a gold and all. (Though it will become clear later in the story that this isn't actually the case) and childlike, but also serious.

*The King's Speech. ANYONE??
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The Silent Benefactress (lawl)//Lady Camille Mary Florentine-Cunninghame XIII
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