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 Myths of the New Civilization.

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PostSubject: Myths of the New Civilization.   Thu Sep 29, 2011 7:58 am

The Goddess of Metal: Kov Malmúr

Kov Malmur is not only the Goddess of Metal, but also the Goddess of Battle. She is often depicted as dressed in Ancient Armour and with warpaint. She is one of the oldest Gods and Goddesses. She has fiery red hair and 'blazing eyes'.

The Goddess of Time: Zhamanak
A imp-like god with polychromatic scales covering her body and bright golden eyes. Her long hair is gold too, with pearls woven in it. She is the youngest and the oldest goddess. She is often described as Time itself, but never appears that much around the others, often in another part of time. She looks the most inhuman of the Gods.

A God of the Wood: P’ayt
P'ayt is the woodgod. He is said to roam the woods in the guise of a shape, and is also known as the god of the daemons. He is said to be friendly to most. Those who encountered wolves and live to tell the tale are said to have encountered P'ayt's pack.

A God of Life (and therefore Death): Beatha Bas
Beatha Bas, the two-faced god, is the god of Life and Death. The dark version is associated with necromancers and bad feelings in general, the lighter version with angels and happiness. Most people refrain from praying to him, afraid their prayer might end up with the wrong face,

The King of Gods (and the King of the city, in the Innercircle version.): Cybrel
Cybrel is said to be the first God, and the First King. He is the one who apparently started the Ayresleigh Outwood Dynasty, the current line of Monarch's, and therefore he is ancestor of King Anthony. Cybrel is known for his just actions. His wife is Cendre.

Goddess of women: Cendre
Cendre is the twin of Foyae. She is silver haired with blue eyes. She is known for the fact that she protects women. Women pray to her. Cendre is known for her dislike on cheating husbands and rapists. There are many stories how she takes her revenge on them. She is also known as the lady of peace.

The God of Water: Shui
Shui is the tanned god known for his temper. There are many stories how he kills those who have offended them, by drowning them. Fishermen pray to him for a good catch and a safe day on the water.

The Goddess of Love: Foyae
Foyae is the golden-haired twin of Cendre with the same blue eyes. While they are almost mirror-images, Foyae possesses a beauty unlike her twin -that does not mean that Cendre is ugly- and Foyae is more vain than her twin. Mothers pray to her to grand their children beauty and lovers sacrifice to her before they marry.

The Goddess of Poison and Herbs: Moira
Moira is the sneaky goddess of poison and herbs, also known as the Liesmith and the Snake-Tongue. She is known for her cunning words but also for the fact that she does not only destroy, but also heals. She is one of the few gods who have actually Priests and Priestesses. They have lines over their body and are extremely skilled in poisoning and healing.

Lesser Gods/Goddesses and Patron Saints:

Patron Saint of Gold: Aurea
The first daughter of Cendre and Cybrel. She is quite vain with golden hair and eyes. She loves all things shiny. She is the cherished first daughter and is envied by her two youngest siblings.
Patron Saint of Silver: Argentus
Argentus is the fair second son with his mother's silver hair and his father's silver eyes. He is known for his easy-going nature. He barely envies his older sister and does not mingle a lot with his two younger siblings.
Patron Saint of Bronze: Brundudinius
Brundudius and his younger sister are much younger than the other two patrons. He has bronze-coloured hair and eyes. He envies his older siblings but not as much as his little sister. He is a particular hard worker and made his own fortune.
Patron Saint of Tin: Stanna
Stanna is the youngest of the four patrons. There are two versions of her; the Outerzone version, where she is the often left-out youngest, who is rarely acknowledged by her parents and other siblings. She does envy them, but not as much to try and kill them. In the second version she is the lazy sibling who waits for things to come to her. She has often tried to kill them, never succeeding and just sinking deeper in the pit of poverty. This is of course the Innercircle version.

Place to post myths, thouhg it's preferable to have ém checked first, so message either Limestriker or The Master's

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Myths of the New Civilization.
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