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 Lady Devious // Ravena Lucy Priscilla D'Auditori

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PostSubject: Lady Devious // Ravena Lucy Priscilla D'Auditori   Thu Sep 29, 2011 9:08 am

This woman plays the men with a well-placed wink, a swing of her hips and a smile hidden behind her hand. Ravena Priscilla D'Auditori looks like a sweet, gullible young woman. But beware; she is out for your money. She comes from the Bronze Zone, from a family of bankers. She has many relative throughout the city and is from the Main Branch of her family.

Ravena wants to get in a higher zone, feeling that the life of a mere Bronze is not something for her. She is devious and not out for love with for wealth. She is well educated and is not afraid to make her hands dirty if she wants something. She is a deadly lady.

Ravena is a female of extraordinary beauty, with blonde hair, luscious lips, curves and piercing blue eyes-green eyes. She is often dressed in rich materials and has many suitors, which she fends off under the excuse of looking for the true one. Meaning, the one with the most money.

Her father was a banker and married her mother when they were nineteen and eighteen. Her father was very successful, resulting in the wealth of her family. Her mother died while giving birth to her little brother, who died quickly after her mother. Her father is tremendously ill and estimated to die within a year. He is the only man Ravena cares about.

She is member of one of the high society clubs in the Bronze zone, often found gossiping with any of the women if she is not flirting with man. She does not whore herself out, since that would ruin her reputation and destroy her chances. She just ... plays a lot with them.

Her daemon is a vibrant blue peacock named Tamzen, that agrees with her on the fact that she does not belong there. While he is not completely at ease with her methods, he shall and will be able to turn a blind eye to them.

Original (c) Ubisoft, the Portrait of Lucrezia Boriga, Assassin's creed Brotherhood
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Lady Devious // Ravena Lucy Priscilla D'Auditori
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