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 Little Caligula // Joseph Balitmore Wheatly the Second

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PostSubject: Little Caligula // Joseph Balitmore Wheatly the Second   Fri Sep 30, 2011 2:39 am

Joseph Balitmore Wheatly the Second is from a wealthy family, and is a very distant cousin of the Royalties. He lives in the Golden Zone nonetheless, dreaming of being the Head of the Royal guard once, as his father currently is.

Joseph is frequently found in the Citadel, due to the fact that his best friend, the Crown Prince lives there. If he is not playing with him, he will be found near the Barracks of the Guards, where he is a well known and loved visitor.

Joseph is very competitive and likes to be the best, as he knows that only the best will make it to the position of the Head Guard. He is hot-headed and impatient, but will probably grow to be a great man. Only time will tell.

When the young boy starts asking questions, he will not stop until he is fully satisfied or shoo'd away. He can be a torrent of words sometimes, often not even caring if people stop listening. Despite that he is quite understanding towards his friends and always tries to comfort them if they need that, albeit awkwardly.

Joseph has little respect for those beneath his rank, much to the dismay of his parents. While he will not be cruel, he will order them around. He is friendly and nice to those he sees as equals and are above him. He will be very awkward around girls, though.

The little Caligula, as he is called because of his ambitions -not because he is crazy or something-, does not have a remarkable past, as far as a nine year old has one. His parents never pushed him to step in his father's footsteps, and it was a free choice. Joseph has a lot of respect and admiration towards his father and dearly loves his mother. He has an older sister, but their relationship is a little strained.

Joseph has a very round face with huge, brown eyes and blond hair. He is quite big for his age. His hair is often tied back with ribbons that match his clothes. He is often dressed in a white dress shirt, brown pantaloons and boots because he is very rowdy when playing and often gets his clothes dirty.

He is often accompanied by Herrick, who is as a young daemon not able to stay in one shape yet.
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Little Caligula // Joseph Balitmore Wheatly the Second
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