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 Rules on characters

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PostSubject: Rules on characters   Tue Sep 27, 2011 4:12 am

Characters are what make or break a roleplay. On this section of our forum, you can post your character. There isn't a standard sheet for you to fill in, so take it away! There are a few things that should be included, though.
Like a Star @ heaven The name of your character.
Like a Star @ heaven Gender, because if your character is named 'Jesse' we can't be exactly sure. Transgender is allowed, too ;D
Like a Star @ heaven A description. This may include his or her personality, history, appearance and peeves, amongst things.
Like a Star @ heaven Both pictures and descriptions are allowed for their appearance. To have both is encouraged.
Like a Star @ heaven Character sheets should always be at least two paragraphs. More is encouraged.

Happy character creating!

A guide to develop characters
It is English and very long, but scrolling through it might help.

A steampunk dress-up
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Rules on characters
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