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 The unknown traveler // Hope {the twixassin}

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A real human person
A real human person

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PostSubject: The unknown traveler // Hope {the twixassin}   Sun Oct 02, 2011 11:19 pm

Hope. It's not a very fitting name.

Especially since Hope never really brings Hope. Or at least, not on purpose. All he does is what needs to be done. If there's nothing that needs to be done anymore, he leaves, dissapearing without a trace.

He always wears a pitch-black tophat. It's almost untouched, without a trace of dirt or dust, except for the small, red jewel that is hanging on the left side of it. He also wears glasses, with the right side looking like perfectly normal glasses, but the left side being a cog with glass in the middle. He wears a simple, black vest, and ragged pair of denim pants. The two guns that are hanging on the left side of his belt, never have the safety on...

Not much is known about Hope. It's unknown where he lives, where he comes from, what his occupation is or even his real name (considering that "Hope" probably isn't his real name). Hope wears the mark of a Tinner, but doesn't seem to care about being one. It isn't a rare sight to see him walking around in the higher zones, not really caring about the looks that are thrown his way. The older guards know they shouldn't stand in his way. And the younger guards, that haven't heard the stories... Well, let's just say they may be lucky enough to wake up in a sewer without helmet, boots, weapons and/or wallet.

His Deamon is a raven, called Faith. Or at least, that's what Hope calls him in public. He's quite sarcastic, but very handy as a lookout.

The only god Hope ever prays to is Beatha Bas, the god of life and death.

((Also, under construction))
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The unknown traveler // Hope {the twixassin}
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