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 List of characters and daemons

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PostSubject: List of characters and daemons   Wed Sep 28, 2011 5:28 am

Please add your character here once he is finished, along with the name and species of his or her daemon.

H.R.H King Anthony Vaughan Ayresleigh Outwood along with daemon ??? ???
H.R.H Queen Rose-Mary Deborah Ayresleigh Outwood along with daemon ??? ???
H.R.H Princess Joanne Elizabeth Ayresleigh Outwood along with daemon ??? ???
Prince Benedict Hardesty Ayresleigh Outwood along with daemon ??? ???
Mathilda Alcester Waver,9, along with Child Daemon Euterpe.

Golden Zone
Lady Camille Mary Florentine-Cunninghame XIII, 17, along with deamon Badger Charlie.
Young Lord Joseph Baltimore Wheatly the Second, 9, along with child daemon Herrick.

Silver Zone
J.J. Kenward, 17, court engineer, along with daemon rabbit Henry.

Bronze Zone
Professor Theodore G. Bricklan, 32, all-round court teacher, along with deamon ferret Phineas.
Ravena Lucy Priscilla D'Auditori, 21, lady and daughter of a banker, along with daemon peacock Tamzen.
Matilda Alcester Waver, ???, daughter of the Royal Librarian, along with daemon ??? ???

Tin Zone
Vivian Beall, 16, shopkeeper, along with daemon hummingbird ???

Hope, ???, assassin of sorts, along with daemon raven Faith.
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List of characters and daemons
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