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 The pilot without a plane // Vivian Beall

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PostSubject: The pilot without a plane // Vivian Beall   Thu Sep 29, 2011 4:55 am

Vivian Beall is a sixteen year old girl from the TIn Zone. As an infant she was found on the orphanage’s doorstep. `Vivian Beall, please forgive me. I love you.´ Was written on a paper, pinned to the cloth she was wrapped up in. In the cloth they found a small bronze amulet.
Against all odds, one year later, she was adopted by Sam and Jenny Simmonds. They raised her as their own child. She calls them her aunt and uncle, for lack of something else.
Vivian lives with her Aunt and Uncle in the tin-zone. Her room is at the very top of the building. Sometimes climbs out her window, from there she can see all over the city. Her room itself is small and messy. It’s got a low ceiling, just high enough for a full-grown man to stand. An plenty of room for a not-so-tall-girl like Vivian.
She works at her uncle’s shop. He sells everything you about everything you could ever need if you want to build.. anything.
Vivian is a studious, dreamy, hard-working and somewhat nosy girl. When there’s a traveler in town, she’ll be the first to know. She loves listening to stories. One day, she want to travel the world so she can be the one telling the stories.
Vivian looks up to wise people, people who know about the world, either by having read about it or having seen it themselves. She doesn’t really like rich people with their fancy clothing and I’m-better-than-everybody-else-attitude.
Her daemon is a hummingbird that always circles round her head like a hyper-active helicopter,
Vivian has half-long dark hair. She always wears her pilot goggles round her head and in the winter a leather pilot-hat. Mostly she wairs pants, a jacket and high boots, clothes that can get dirty.
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The pilot without a plane // Vivian Beall
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